"Cost Effective Strategies for Quality Health Care"





The Vinca Group L.L.C. provides clients with cost effective strategies to deliver quality health care services.  Health care organizations are challenged by fast paced changes including increasing regulations and changes in reimbursement.  The pressures to maintain market share and provide quality outcomes has increased consolidation and the array of services health care organizations offer.  The Vinca Group L.L.C. supports the acquisition, development, and strategic and operating functions of a broad array of health care providers. The Vinca Group L.L.C. addresses the span of post acute services from hospital based skilled nursing units through assisted living and home health.  We are certified to perform HUD LEAN market studies.


The Vinca Group L.L.C. brings knowledgeable, experienced consultants to assist clients in meeting their challenges.  Our experience includes market analysis, project development, quality assurance, operations and reimbursement. We perform operational due diligence.  We develop post acute strategies for acute and long term care providers.  We support the licensure, CON and regulatory requirements for our clients.  We have developed extensive data bases that support our market and strategic planning analysis and are used by clients for new business development and third party contracting. We link health utilization and patient acuity to our planning and development functions. 


Our proposal work has yielded one client a $38 million multi-state contract from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  We work with independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, hospice and home health providers to evaluate feasibility and identifying strategies to enhance business performance including potential partnerships with insurers and hospitals. The Vinca Group L.L.C. works with financing sources including venture capital firms and real estate investment trusts.  We continuously develop state-of-the-art techniques including benchmarks and outcome measurements. The Vinca Group L.L.C. developed the Assisted Living Federation of America’s managed care institute.


The Vinca Group L.L.C.’s clients benefit from decades of work experience in nationally known companies that provide consulting services and operate post acute services.  We bring teams of seasoned professionals to each of our client engagements who are experienced as planners and operators for a variety of private and publicly traded companies and hospitals.  The Vinca Group L.L.C. is dedicated to providing high quality, custom-designed assistance.  We offer a wide range of consulting services to assist investors and managers by developing market specific information and strategies, helping operators to improve their productivity and profitability, and assisting purchasers and sellers in completing acquisitions. 




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